I’d like to introduce two tofu dishes that I make the most

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I love Tofu, and for as long as I can remember, I have been eating tofu almost every day.

I am most grateful for a tofu cookbook that was published in 1782.

It is called, “Tofu Hyakuchin”.

100 different tofu dishes were introduced in it.

I sometimes make some tofu dishes while referencing “Tofu Hyakuchin”.

The many tofu dishes in the cookbook are really simple, and they are delicious.

In particular, these tofu dishes pair well with sake.

I’d like to introduce two tofu dishes that I make the most. 

The first one is “Koetsu Tofu”.

At first, lightly weigh the tofu down, leave it for about 20 minutes then drain.

Sprinkle some salt over the tofu, and grill it until it turns golden brown.

Boil some sake until it burns off its alcohol.

Put the tofu into the Sake, and warm it up for a few seconds. That’s all.

“Koetsu” is the name of a historical artist called, Koetsu HONAMI.

It is said that he loved this way of eating tofu.

The sweetness of sake and the flavor of tofu blend together.

It has a profound taste as its name suggests.

The second dish is “Futatabi Dengaku”.

It is a way of cooking tofu by coating it with miso and baking it.

The following are some little tips.

Drain off the water from the tofu in advance.

Put some soy sauce on both sides of it, and bake it lightly.

Mix the miso with a little sake over the fire, and put it on the tofu.

Brown the tofu last. 

Tofu is simple food, and I think that simple cooking methods complement the flavor of tofu.

I want to try making other tofu dishes that are mentioned in Tofu Hyakuchin.

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