A green glaze is the greatest feature of Ao Oribe

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Oribe-style is one of my favorite designs.

I have some Oribe-style tableware.

This sake cup called, Guinomi is also Oribe-style.

There are several types of Oribe-style tableware, and this is a type called, “Ao Oribe”.

A green glaze is the greatest feature of Ao Oribe.

I really like its beautiful green glaze.

I sometimes feel like I could be sucked into the beautiful green glaze like a mountain. 

When I drink sake with Oribe-style Guinomi, it always captures my eyes.

For me, Oribe-style is a beautiful Japanese scene.

Japan has been losing its authentic, beautiful nature every year.

As our lives become more convenient, more of our beautiful green or clear rivers are lost.

I may look for a Japanese beautiful scene on some pottery.

I feel that Japanese nature is reflected really well in Japanese pottery.

To me this Oribe-style Guinomi is not just a cup for drinking sake as it represents a beautiful Japanese scene.

When Sake is in a glazed, green cup it looks like the surface of a lake that is deep in the mountains.

I can get some peace and quiet from it.

This green color makes me imagine various scenes.

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