“Shuto” goes really well with sake

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I’d like to introduce a Japanese food.

It is “Shuto”.

Most non-Japanese people would hate it because it looks so grotesque.

Shuto is a salted internal organ of a fish, such as bonito or tuna.

The internal organ is finely chopped.

It is too salty, and it smells fishy.

So, most non-Japanese people would feel disgusting.

Many Japanese people are not familiar with Shuto.

However, people who like sake know what Shuto is.

This is because it goes really well with sake.

Actually, I sometimes eat that grotesque food. 

Shuto means stealing sake in Japanese.

It is said that if you drink sake while eating Shuto, you will run short of sake soon, and you will want to drink it even if you steal it from someone.

This sense of the name indicates that Japanese people in the old days had unique thoughts.

If you like sake, you definitely should try Shuto with sake at least once.

It seems that Japanese food has become popular all over the world.

However, I think that Shuto is an exception.

Its appearance and taste must be a great shock for non-Japanese people.

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