“Ofuke” sake cup that I bought is really beautiful

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I don’t need to buy a sake cup because I already have enough sake cups.

Neverthless, I bought a new sake cup the other day.

The pottery sake cup that I bought is really beautiful.

The very first moment I saw it, I fell in love with it.

I would like to introduce the sake cup.

There are three features of the sake cup.

The first feature is its beautiful blue glaze.

The glaze is made from the ashes of a plant, and a small amount of a mineral called, feldspar is included in it.

The glaze is called, “Ofuke”.

The second feature is the shape of the sake cup called, “Tenmoku”.

The rim of sake cup is a distinctive feature and easy to hold.

The shape is not only beautiful but also functional.

By the way, Tenmoku is a well-known tea bowl shape.

In the 14th century, a Japanese monk practiced Zen at Mount Tenmoku in China, and he went back with a tea bowl.

It was how Tenmoku originated.

For your information, the ”Yohen Tenmoku Tea Boul” is a famous national treasure of Japan.

The third feature is the consecutive marks left behind by a chisel.

The marks are associated with waves breaking on a shore.

When I filled the sake cup for the first time, I felt like I was looking at a wavy sea.

In Japan, there are many beautiful sake cups that are made by good Japanese craftspersons, and those sake cups always fascinate me.

However, that’s a problem for me.

I want to drink sake with in various beautiful sake cups, and I end up drinking too much.

In a medical checkup, my doctor always points out that my γ-GTP is high because of the alcohol.

I’m having trouble.

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