How we face our smartphones is important in order to avoid killing our rich feelings as humans

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In Japan, a whole lot of people, regardless of age or gender, are obsessive with using their smartphones on trains, at a station platforms, and in parks or coffee shops.

In addition, there are people who walk while using their smartphones.

I always feel these scenes are really abnormal.

Everybody is looking down!

They look like zombies in some kind of film.

Smartphones have made our lives more convenient, that’s for sure, and I actually use a smartphone.

On the other hand, I think that smartphones have the danger of destroying our humanity.

We can have various simulated experiences easily through our smartphones.

Because of that, we feel like we kind of understand everything, and our minds need more stimulation.

In addition, social media, the internet, and social games make us forget we live in a real world.

It may be similar to drug addiction.

So many people cannot stop touching their smartphones all the time.

We should place the greatest importance on our feelings as humans in the real world. 

Though our society became highly informed rapidly, our bodies cannot live in a world that was made by electronic algorithm.

Our convenient Japanese society, which was brought about by the spread of the smartphone, has made our lives unnecessary busy.

Because of that, we might have been losing room in our hearts.

It is an ironic result.

I don’t deny the smartphone, but how we face our smartphones is important in order to avoid killing our rich feelings as humans.

Excessive convenience decreases our sensitivities.

As with nature, we can find various impressions easily in our immediate surroundings without searching on our smartphones.

I think that finding great pleasure in seemingly wasteful things is the true richness of life. 

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