For me, a calendar isn’t just a tool for managing my schedule

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I use two kinds of calendars.

One is a typical Gregorian calendar, and the other is a lunisolar calendar.

Today, the Gregorian calendar is the standard global calendar.

Of course, Japan has also been using it since 1873.

The lunisolar calendar is recognized as an old calendar in today’s Japan.

So, it isn’t practical in modern society.

I live in accordance with the Gregorian calendar, but the lunisolar calendar is also essential in my life.

I’d like to introduce why I use the lunisolar calendar.

But first, let me explain the relationship between the lunisolar calendar and old Japanese people.

Our ancestors had lived in accordance with the lunisolar calendar for 1,500 years.

They had adapted the twenty-four seasonal turning points to the lunisolar calendar in order to perceive the four seasons.

This is because the four seasons were closely tied to their lives.

Japan was an agricultural country.

Adapting the cycle of the seasons was a matter of life and death.

Our ancestors had been grateful for the blessing of the four seasons, and they had enjoyed the seasons.

In line with that, various traditional events were held.

Therefore, traditional Japanese culture has a strong bond with the four seasons.

Today, we Japanese are losing our keen sense of the seasons that we inherited from our ancestors. 

Because of that, our hearts may be getting poor.

I’m sure that savoring the four seasons enriches our lives.

The best way to perceive the blessing of the seasons is by checking the lunisolar calendar every day.

This is because our predecessor’s values and the book of Nature are reflected in the lunisolar calendar.

Actually, I can pay attention to a small change in the seasons by doing that even on busy days.

For me, a calendar isn’t just a tool for managing my schedule.

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