Delicious fish are not necessary available to common Japanese people

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Japan is a country with very delicious fish.

It is one of the appealing things about Japan.

However, delicious fish are not necessary available to common Japanese people.

At one time, there were some small fish dealers in every city, and they sold fresh, delicious fish.

Most of those fish dealers went out of business over the last thirty years because of the rise of supermarkets.

Of course, a supermarket has a large selection of fish.

But their fish aren’t delicious.

Though not always, it usually holds true with nationwide supermarkets.

There is a reason for this.

Typically, a supermarket handles cheap and uniformly sized fish for selling on a large scale with a small profit.

So, cultured fish or refrigerated fish are sold in a supermarket.

Such fish aren’t delicious.

What costs little is esteemed little.

Japanese people know about that, but many of them eat such fish with patience.

By the way, the fish consumption of Japanese people is decreasing.

It is considered that the Westernization and diversification of our diet are the causes of it.

However, I don’t think that they are the root causes.

I think that there seems to be a problem with the rise of supermarkets.

I don’t deny the existence value of a supermarket as I just pointed out the negative aspects of a supermarket.

I never buy fish at a supermarket.

Fortunately, there is a nice fish shop in my neighborhood.

Their delicious fish are more expensive than the fish that are sold at a supermarket.

However, I think that in the latter case it is too cheap.

Many common Japanese people prefer a large discount supermarket because they try to get the best monetary deals.

Because of that, they cannot eat delicious fish. They have their priorities wrong.

It is unfortunate.

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