I always wonder if Japan is really an advanced country

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As a Japanese person, I’m very ashamed of the Technical Intern Training Program in our country.

This program is a hotbed of problems relating to human rights and the exploitation of labor.

The technical interns come from developing countries in Asia, such as Vietnam, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

They have to owe a lot of money in order to come to Japan. In addition, they become the target of exploitation.

I always wonder if Japan is really an advanced country.

Japan is falling into a dark era.

Japan will suffer some form of retaliation in the near future because of this bad system.

Japan has problems with a declining birth rate and aging population.

Because of that, the shortage of workers has become a major social issue.

So Japan has to rely on foreign workers.

However, the Japanese government is extremely reluctant to deal with accepting immigrants for political reasons.

Therefore, the Technical Intern Training Program was created.

The technical interns are here for a limited time, so they aren’t immigrants.

“Technical intern” is only a name.

Actually, most of them are forced to work as manual laborers for low wages.

In addition, there is no end to the violation of human rights or exploitation.

In the first place, the Technical Intern Training Program is just a stopgap system.

That doesn’t become a solution to the root problem relating to the shortage of workers.

The Japanese government insists that this system is for an international contribution.

But it produced the opposite result.

The number of technical interns is decreasing year by year.

So, Japan has become less attractive among young people in developing countries in Asia.

Japan shouldn’t prey on the hopes of technical interns.

It is clear that Japan must accept immigrants without relying on this bad system.

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