Youth suicide isn’t an illness of the mind

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The other day, a young man in his twenties committed suicide.

After he had traveled across Japan on his motorcycle, he jumped into a dam.

A month ago, some junior high school sisters committed suicide.

The sisters jumped (while hugging each other) in front of a running train.

Japan is a rich country, and people are not connected to war.

However, there has been no end to the number of suicides committed by the youngsters of today.

Everyone who committed suicide has their own reasons, but I think that their suicides must be treated as a social problem as a whole and not just as personal problems.

It seems to be getting harder for youngsters to live in Japanese society.

I think there are two reasons for this.

The first reason is the rise of mammonism and materialism.

Many people tend to believe that money makes them more happier.

So, the more anxious they become, the more money they need, even though money is limited.

Youngsters of today were born into a materially rich Japan, and they already know the benefit of material wealth.

Or rather, they must yearn for spiritual richness.

However, it has been neglected with the rise of mammonism and materialism.

The second reason is social media.

The youngsters of today are forced to compare themselves to other people on social media, and most of them seem to feel inferior to other people or influencers.

Youngsters don’t realize that they are becoming building more stressed.

People believe that the internet brings diversity to Japanese society.

However, I think that the internet is exposing more people to peer pressure.

I always think that modern Japanese society is abnormal.

So, it may be natural for youngsters to lose hope.

Youth suicide isn’t an illness of the mind.

Youth suicide is a social ill.

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