“Sugata” is a sake that goes through a special brewing process

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Thanks to technological progress and the modernization of the distribution industry, we have been able to drink various types of sake that had never circulated in the market before.

This local sake of Tochigi Prefecture, called “Sugata Muroka Nama Gensyu”, is one of those.

Even though this sake is made with rice malt, not distilled alcohol, it is quite common.

The remarkable thing is that this sake goes through a special brewing process.

“Sugata” is the name of this local sake, and “Muroka Nama Gensyu” means a special brewing process.

If had to describe this sake in one word, it would be “delicate”.

“Muroka” means non-filtered sake.

Usually, sake is filtered during its brewing process in order to remove dregs.

Accordingly, the sake is made transparent.

Non-filtered sake has a pale yellow color, and that it is the original color of sake.

It shows that non-filtered sake maintains the original taste of sake.

But any remaining dregs can produce an unfavorable taste. So non-filtered sake is delicate.

“Nama” means unpasteurized sake.

Enzymes remain active in the sake, and it means that the sake fermentation process continues even after the product has been displayed in a storefront.

The unpasteurized sake tastes really fresh.

“Gensyu” means sake without water.

Usually, water is added after moromi (fermentation mash) has been squeezed into it.

This process stabilizes the taste of sake, and it is an important key in determining a characteristics.

Sake is comprised of approximately 80 percent water.

So the water quality is very important for sake brewing.

Unlike such sake, water isn’t added to Gensyu intentionally.

So, Gensyu maintains its original taste and rich flavor.

But it may be separated from likes and dislikes.

From the above, “Muroka Nama Gensyu” is a special sake.

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