I’d like to introduce a special sake called, “Yawara Sanman-goku Kassei Gensyu”.

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“Yawara Sanman-goku” is a sake that I drink regularly.

It is a local sake brewed in Tsukubamirai City, which is in Ibaraki Prefecture.

Though it isn’t famous at all, it is delicious and inexpensive. So I love it.

Last year, I received some information about a special edition of this sake would go on sale for a limited time every winter.

The other day, I finally got some.

I’d like to introduce this special sake called, “Yawara Sanman-goku Kassei Gensyu”.

This sake is a pure type of sake named, “Junmai” that is made with only rice, Koji (malted rice), and water.

More specifically, this sake is squeezed using a traditional squeezing method called, “Funeshibori”.

It takes a lot of time and effort compared to a squeezing machine, but it makes the sake very smooth.

After squeezing, only its clear upper portion is bottled.

So, this sake doesn’t go through some processes, such as the addition of water, or pasteurization.

When I checked the aroma of this sake for the first time, I felt the rich bouquet of the malted rice.

This sake tasted very fruity compared to other typical “Junmai”.

I ended up drinking too much of it.

“Yawara Sanman-goku Kassei Gensyu” was a wonderful sake.

By the way, this special sake is designated as a local specialty of Tsukubamirai City, but the city doesn’t publicize this. 

I knew it by chance, but I didn’t know where it was sold.

I couldn’t find any information about it on the internet, so I had to send an inquiry to various places by telephone.

I don’t think that most citizens of Tsukubamirai City know about their local specialty sake.

But, they might be keeping it a secret from outsiders like me.

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