I experimented with five types of popular “Cup Sake” by comparing the taste of each

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I’d like to introduce “Cup Sake”.

Cup Sake is sold in a single-serve glass jar.

You can find it at supermarkets or convenience stores all over Japan.

Though I often drink various types of sake, I had never tried Cup Sake.

This is because I had thought that Cup Sake was cheap and tasted bad.

The other day, I experimented with five types of popular Cup Sake by comparing the taste of each.

Among them, two of them tasted good.

That was unexpected.

The first one was “One Cup Ozeki Jyosen”.

“One Cup Ozeki” is the world’s first Cup Sake, and “Jyosen” means a special version.

Nevertheless, it is cheap.

By the way, awful Cup Sake has an unnatural taste. It’s hard to explain, but awful Cup Sake tastes bad.

One Cup Ozeki Jyosen tasted natural and good.

The second one was “Gekkeikan Tsuki”.

It was a low-alcohol sake.

It had a mild taste.

Excellent water from Fushimi is used in the Cup Sake.

Fushimi is famous for its spring water.

Nevertheless, Gekkeikan Tsuki is cheap.

I have often seen exhausted office workers or dirty-looking old guys drinking Cup Sake in public spaces, such as on a platform or a roadside.

For your information, drinking alcohol in public places is legally permitted in Japan.

Because of such immoral people, Cup Sake gave me a very bad image, so I had avoided Cup Sake. 

I had assumed that Cup Sake tasted bad.

However, I discovered that Cup Sake tastes good.

I will drink Cup Sake from now on.

Of course, I won’t drink Cup Sake in public places. I’m a gentleman.

Follow me!