Its beautiful red color reminded me of a Shinto shrine in Kyoto

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This is a specialty shop that sells traditional Japanese crafts from all over Japan.

I’ve never been there although I knew about the place.

On that day, I had a chance to visit the place.

When I entered the shop, a lot of beautiful lacquerware came into view.

I was sure that I would never feel bored in this shop.

Though I found many items that I wanted, they were all out of my price range.

But fortunately, I was able to find a wonderful item in my price range.

It is a lacquered sake cup called, “sakazuki”.

The red-lacquered sakazuki has been considered good luck in Japan for a long time ago.

Maybe I’m going too fast, but I bought it for drinking sake with special dishes prepared for the New Year.

This sakazuki was made of natural wood and lacquer. It was made by a traditional craftsperson in Aizu(Fukushima Prefecture).

After returning home, I tried using this sakazuki right away.

I filled it with sake called, “Yawara-sanmangoku”.

It looked so flamboyant.

Its beautiful red color reminded me of a Shinto shrine in Kyoto.

I really liked it.

The taste of sake in this sakazuki was very good.

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