I hadn’t noticed this wonderful soba restaurant till now, even though I had passed near it frequently

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That small soba noodle restaurant is located in a quiet residential area in Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

I dropped in at this restaurant called, “Issen” to have lunch on Saturday at noon.

It was the first time I had visited this restaurant.

I have already heard that their soba noodles are very good.

The inside of the restaurant was small, and there were some visitors.

I sat at a table and ordered “Mori-soba”.

This is the most common soba, and it is also the cheapest.

By the way, when I visit a soba noodle restaurant, I often order Mori-soba.

This is because it is the best soba noodle to eat if you want to enjoy the natural scent of buckwheat flour and the sensation of swallowing soba. In other words, it is the most simple soba noodle.

A few minutes later, the Mori-soba was served in front of me.

Their soba noodles looked shiny and fresh.

As for seasonings, there were some chopped leeks,  grated Japanese radish, and wasabi was on a separate small plate.

Their soba tasted really good.

The dipping sauce had a strong flavor, and the sauce coated the noodles well. I liked that sauce.

I finished eating the Mori-soba in a few minutes.

After that, Soba-yu(hot buckwheat water) was served.

Usually, people drink Soba-yu mixed with sauce after the meal at a soba noodle restaurant. But I always drink it straight.

This is because It is the best way to enjoy the natural flavor of buckwheat.

There were a lot of sake bottles on a shelf.

This restaurant changes into a pub at night time.

People from the neighborhood golf courses seem to visit this place for a drink.

I hadn’t noticed this small restaurant till now, even though I had passed near it frequently.

Their soba noodles were really good, so I will go there again.

I found two intriguing soba noodle dishes on the menu: oyster soba and soba pudding.

I will try them next time.

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