It is a precious restaurant that serves exceptional, amazing Yakisoba

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Fukuoka Weir in Ibaraki Prefecture is famous for its cherry blossoms.

There is a small, good old restaurant near the sluice gate on a low head dam.

This really small restaurant called, “Akita”, is managed by only one old lady.

She only makes Yakisoba(stir-fried noodles). So we can only eat Yakisoba in this restaurant.

We can choose a regular or large serving.

Frankly, her Yakisoba is amazing.

I was attracted to her Yakisoba the first time I ate it.

At one glance, her Yakisoba just looks like a typical Yakisoba from anywhere.

But it has the most addictive taste.

I think that the secret of its deliciousness is the sauce.

Some garlic seemed to have been used as one of the ingredients in the sauce, and its flavor increases the appetite.

In addition to that, her Yakisoba isn’t greasy. So I didn’t have a heavy stomach.

Her Yakisoba is delicious, and she serves a large amount, and it is very cheap. It’s amazing.

This small restaurant just feels nostalgic.

Whenever I have lunch at this place, I feel just like I did when I was a kid.

It is also a precious restaurant that serves exceptional, amazing Yakisoba.

By the way, Japanese economic experts of today often say that small to medium enterprises must evolve their business in accordance with the times in order for them to survive.

I think that’s wrong.

This small restaurant that only sells Yakisoba hasn’t changed since the old days.

However this restaurant has survived several very serious social conditions, such as the depression amid The Lehman Shock or the Covid-19 pandemic.

Remaining unchanged for a long time is one positive point.

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