“Furai” is very simple food, but it is delicious

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I would like to introduce a local favorite food in Gyoda City, Saitama Prefecture.

It is called, “Furai”.

Furai is like a savory pancake.

The batter is a mixture of flour, water, finely chopped pork, and some vegetables.

Furai is seasoned with a medium-thick sauce.

Furai is very simple food, but it is delicious.

I became addicted once I had it.

Furai is similar to “Okonomiyaki”, but there are fewer ingredients than Okonomiyaki.

Furai isn’t well known besides the local people.

It seems that it was made for the first time about 100 years ago.

There are some restaurants that serve Furai in Gyoda City.

Among them, I strongly recommend a restaurant called “Yamashita”.

That small restaurant specializes in serving Furai and Yakisoba (Stir-fried soba noodles).

Their Furai has a good reputation.

It shows that it isn’t just a savory pancake.

At first glance, their Furai looks like a simple galette.

But it has a rich taste.

I feel that there is a hidden flavor in the dough, but I don’t know the details of it.

By the way, some fried breadcrumbs are in the Furai.

There is something special about their Furai.

That small restaurant is always busy.

The parking lot there is always full.

So I always order Furai to go over the phone in advance, and I have it at home.

Gyoda City has been a wheat-growing region.

Originally, Furai seemed to be familiar to farmers as a quick and easy snack made from wheat.

Furai is simple food, but I don’t think that I can make delicious Furai at home easily.

Each restaurant that specializes in Furai seems to use its own original recipe.

So Furai is deep food from the other perspective.

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