My meal on New Year’s Day, 2022

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The new year has started.

I’d like to introduce my meal on New Year’s Day, 2022.

It consisted of three simple dishes.

The first dish was a whole grilled sea bream. A sea bream is considered good luck in Japan.

The second dish was Zoni.

To put it simply, Zoni is a soup with some Mochi and vegetables.

The third dish included some assorted side dishes.

The breakdown of that was as follows, Kamaboko, Datemaki, Kazunoko, and black beans.

In addition, I drank a New Year’s spiced sake called Otoso as an aperitif.

After I finished my simple New Year’s meal, I drank matcha tea with a Japanese confectionery called, Hanabira Mochi.

It is a sweet burdock and miso-bean paste covered with a thin layer of Mochi.

Hanabira Mochi is a traditional Japanese New Year’s confectionery.

My New Year’s meal may look frugal compared to other Japanese people.

Recently, I started to think strongly that a practical and simple life leads ultimately to peace of mind.

Peace of mind is exactly what I want the most.

My life will become more simple year after year. 

So my New Year’s meal is no exception.

Modern Japanese people think that their New Year’s meal should be as luxurious as possible because New Year Day is a festive occasion.

I don’t deny such lively New Year’s festivities, but I’m the opposite.

New Year’s Day is the beginning of a year, so I should spend the first day in a humble manner.

This attitude highlights my determination to live with integrity.

A simple meal is appropriate for the occasion.

But my relatives are misled into thinking that my life is difficult and that I’m hungry.

So they try to meddle in my affairs.

It really bothers me.

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