Don’t judge the restaurant by its appearance

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I found a very nice restaurant.

That restaurant, which is called, “Drive-in Nakamura” is in Tsukubamirai City, Ibaraki Prefectere.

“Drive-in” is Japanese-made English. It means a roadside restaurant in Japan, but that’s an obsolete word today.

The restaurant looked like an old, abandoned storage area, and at first glance, there were no sign of human habitation.

I was not able to see the inside because of its structure.

Anyway, I entered the restaurant.

The inside was wider than I expected, and it was filled with guys.

And the atmosphere made me think of the good old days of Showa Period.

I realized that this restaurant must have continued for over 50 years.

This restaurant was a typical Teisyoku(set menu) restaurant, and it was local eating place.

The name of various set menus were on the wall.

I ordered Menchi-katsu(minced meat cutlet) lunch set: Menchi-katsu, rice, salad, miso soup, some Japanese pickles, and natto.

This lunch set looked like a large serving for me, but it was regular serving.

The Menchi-katsu had a really good taste.

When I bite into it, a lot of gravy came out.

But the deep-fried coating was crispy.

And also, the brown sauce had a strong taste, and it was really nice.

Their Menchi-katsu went well with rice.

I understood the reason why this restaurant was full of tough guys.

This restaurant satisfied their three requirements: the food was delicious, a large amount was served, and it was cheap.

In addition, the restaurant serves a wide variety of dishes so you won’t get bored if you eat them every day.

After I finished lunch, there was just no end to the tough guys coming into this good old restaurant.

I knew this unobtrusive restaurant has been loved by local tough guys.

Don’t judge the restaurant by its appearance.

I found a really good restaurant.

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