That small, rustic restaurant called, Issen serves delicious oyster soba.

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It was my second time visiting that soba restaurant in Tsukuba-mirai city, Ibaraki Prefecture.

That small, rustic restaurant called, Issen serves delicious soba.

I ordered an oyster soba that day.

I had never heared of oyster soba, so I was interested in it the last time.

The oyster soba was really nice.

There was some fried oyster and plenty of hot soup for dipping soba.

Some of the oyster were large.

The oyster went well with soba, it tasted very good.

The thick soup covered the soba noodles well.

Though the oyster soba was inexpensive, I thought that it was delicious for its price.

After I finished eating the oyster soba, I ordered Oshiruko for dessert.

For your information, Oshiruko is a traditional Japanese snack. It is sweet red bean paste soup with some sticky rice ball in it.

Their Oshiruko was nice.

Some salted kelp was served as a side dish with the Oshiruko.

By the way, I was going to try eating soba pudding, but it had sold out.

To close, I drained soba-yu (hot buckwheat water).

Soba-yu warmed my body.

Soba has been a cheap Japanese food since long ago.

However, in contrast with its price, making soba is very difficult.

Actually, I have tried making soba several times. But it wasn’t delicious.

In my case, my soba noodles broke when I boild them.

I know how difficult it is to make soba, so I respect a delicious soba restaurant from my heart.

I really like this popular, inexpensive soba restaurant.

The soba restaurant called, Issen is a great find.

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