I have never eaten such a delicious dried Soba

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There are many varieties of dried Soba in Japan.

Among them, I strongly recommend “Ikemori Soba”.

I have never eaten such a delicious dried Soba.

At first, I found it in a neighborhood supermarket.

“Ikemori Soba” is supervised by a famous Japanese singer, Syuichi Ikemori.

In Japan, many celebrities produce original foods with the cooperation of major food companies.

Though these original foods were expensive, they weren’t as delicious as I expected.

Celebrity businesses depend heavily on recognition of their names.

However, Syuichi Ikemori is different from such celebrities.

Syuichi Ikemori has been flying across Japan in order to eat Soba in various places.

So, he is a real Soba enthusiast.

Ikemori Soba has an extensive lineup.

Among them, “Sotoichi” is my recommendation.

The ratio of the buckwheat flour to the binding agent is ten to one.

Its chewiness was worthy of mention because most dried Soba isn’t chewy.

“Hegisoba” is also great.

It is the Soba that contains a glue plant, and the noodles go down so smoothly.

Syuichi Ikemori also supervises the Soba dipping sauce.

A broth made from flying fish is used in it.

I prefer chilled Soba to hot Soba.

If you want to savor the rich flavor of Soba, you should eat chilled Soba.

When cooking dried Soba, please note the following.

The boiling time is the most important step in order to make delicious Soba.

You must keep to the boiling time.

After boiling, drain the Soba using a strainer, cool it under running water, and drain it again.

This makes the Soba chewy.

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