I look forward to eating “Anmitsu” after practicing my Noh flute

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I always feel tired after I take my private Noh flute lesson, and I want to eat sweets.

I use a lot of energy to play my Noh flute. So, my body may require some sugar content.

After the lesson, I always go to a Japanese confectionery shop named “Funabashiya”.

I really like their “Anmitsu”.

Anmitsu is a traditional Japanese confectionery.

There are many Japanese confectionery shops that sell Anmitsu.

Among them, the Anmitsu of Funabashiya is my favorite.

I’d like to introduce Anmitsu.

For your information, typical Anmitsu consists of agar jellies, fruit, boiled beans and red bean paste.

We enjoy it by pouring brown sugar syrup over it.

Funabashiya sells different kinds of Anmitsu depending on the season.

Among them, I prefer classical Anmitsu.

Classical Anmitsu consists of agar jellies, boiled beans, Gyuhi (a kind of sweet rice cake), goji berries, lemon jellies, red bean paste and Kuzumochi.

Kuzumochi is a cake made of Kudzu starch, and it is the flagship dessert of this long-established shop.

We can choose between brown sugar syrup or white sugar syrup.

I really like their Anmitsu because it isn’t too sweet.

Plenty of red bean paste is served with Anmitsu, but it is gentle on my stomach.

Of course, it goes really well with a variety of Japanese teas.

I look forward to eating their Anmitsu after practicing my Noh flute.

By the way, I found a confectionery shop that specializes in “Daifuku” near Funabashiya.

Daifuku is a soft rice cake stuffed with red bean paste.

After next my private Noh flute lesson, I will check it out.

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