Their Agemochi has a really nostalgic taste

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Agemochi is a Japanese fried rice cake that has been eaten as a kind of snack since ancient times.

It is loved by everyone from children to the elderly, and it is also ideal for souvenirs.

Agemochi goes really well with green tea.

Though the supermarket sells it, I don’t buy it there.

I know a Japanese confectionery store that sells delicious Agemochi, and I usually buy their Agemochi.

The Japanese confectionery store is called, “Okubo-toshimichi”, and it is located in Tsukuba-mirai City, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Their Agemochi makes me remember my late grandmother.

My grandmother had made me some fried rice cake, and I really liked it.

Their Agemochi has a really nostalgic taste.

Deep-fried food doesn’t agree with my stomach. But I never feel heavy in the stomach from their Agemochi.

So I patronize this store.

Agemochi is seasoned with salt.

It’s tasty eaten as it is, but I put a little soy sauce on it. Soy sauce soaks into Agemochi and that is so good.

When I visit this store, I often see a lot of rice cakes that are drying in the sunshine in front of the store.

These rice cakes will be fried in oil after sun drying, and they will be sold as Agemochi.

This scene of sun drying is really rustic, and very relaxing.

It shows that their delicious Agemochi is being made by the old-fashioned cooking method.

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