“Kuromame-cya Yokan” tastes sophisticated, and it goes well with matcha

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I often eat Yokan with my matcha tea.

Yokan is representative of Japanese confectionery.

The sweetness of Yokan really goes well with matcha.

KANEIDO is an old Japanese confectioner.

I like their various confectioneries.

Among them, I like Yokan the best.

Their Yokan is called, “Kuromame-cya Yokan”. Kuromame-cya means black bean tea.

Typically, Yokan is made of sugar, red beans, agar, starch syrup, and water.

But they use black bean tea instead of water.

I think it is an interesting method.

Have you ever drunk the black bean tea?

It has a fragrant flavor like that of roasted black beans. It is lightly seasoned.

This Yokan has the same flavor. 

With one bite of this Yokan, I can sense the delightfully sweet flavor.

After that, the flavor of roasted black beans floats slightly in the mouth.

It tastes sophisticated, and it goes well with matcha.

This Yokan is not too sweet, so it is just right for me.

This confectioner sells their black been tea and it tastes very good. It’s caffeine-free.

I recommend it too.

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