A combination of iced matcha and Mizu-yokan is perfect!

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I sometimes drink iced matcha in summer.

I will explain how to make iced matcha.

It’s easy to make.

At first, use a chasyaku to scoop up about 2 grams of matcha powder, and put it in a tea bowl.

Chasyaku is a small spoon used for matcha.

Next, put a little bit of boiling water in the tea bowl, and mix it with a chasen (bamboo whisk).

After that, add some cold water to the tea bowl, and mix it with a chasen.

Finally, put some ice in the matcha.

I like drinking iced matcha in the afternoon on a clear day in the middle of summer.

Japanese confectionery is indispensable for enjoying iced matcha.

I think that Mizu-yokan really goes well iced matcha.

Mizu-yokan is a type of Yokan (sweet jelly made with Azuki beans).

Mizu-yokan has more moisture than Yokan. Its fresh taste is good for the hot summer.

So a combination of iced matcha and Mizu-yokan is perfect.

Azuki beans work for health and beauty.

Azuki beans are effective for recovery from fatigue and making the skin beautiful thanks to their rich vitamin B and polyphenol content.

The summer heat sometimes makes me lose my appetite.

Iced matcha and Mizu-yokan work well for me in such a case.

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