I’d like to introduce two spring-like Japanese confectioneries

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There are a lot of Japanese confectioneries that reflect the changing seasons.

Enjoying these confectioneries is my small pleasure.

Of course, Matcha is essential for that.

Now, it is spring in Japan.

I’d like to introduce two spring-like Japanese confectioneries.

The first one is “Wakakusa”.

It is a rice cake that is sprinkled with a green powder. The green powder is rice flour.

This confectionery has a slight sweetness and a soft texture.

Wakakusa means fresh verdure.

Its green color is really refreshing.

This confectionery makes me imagine new green leaves.

Wakakusa was devised by a lord called Fumai MATSUDAIRA over 200 years ago.

He was the seventh Lord of Matsue Domain, and he was a representative master of the tea ceremony in the Edo period.

For your information, Matsue Domain is the present Matsue City in Shimane Prefecture.

The next one is “Michishiba”.

It is also a confectionery representing Matsue City.

Michishiba is a rice cake with white bean paste. A small amount of sesame is in it.

It has an elegant sweetness.

This confectionery expresses the melting of snow on the grass. It reflects the coming of spring.

The other day, I enjoyed “Wakakusa” and “Michishiba” with Matcha.

Enjoying beautiful Japanese confectionery may be the same as enjoying beautiful Japanese scenery.

Both of the confectioneries made me feel the vivid green of spring foliage.

By the way, this tea bowl was modeled after a historical Black Raku tea bowl known as “Hachibiraki”.

My mother lent it to me indefinitely, so it isn’t mine.

I think that the black color of the tea bowl strongly enhances the green color of Matcha.

So, this tea bowl is just right for the fresh green season.

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