I found an autumn-like Japanese confectionery named “Akinosato”

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I found an autumn-like Japanese confectionery named “Akinosato”.

It was an original confectionery made by a long-established Japanese confectionery shop named Furyudo.

Aspiring Japanese confectionery shops make their original confectioneries according to the seasons.

Such confectioneries make me feel the changing of the seasons.

Traditional Japanese culture and the four seasons have a close connection.

It is no exception for Japanese confectionery.

The Akinosato consisted of two layers: a yellow layer of sweet potato and a transparent layer of agar.

Some red or orange jellies in the shape of maple leaves were in the transparent layer of agar.

The Akinosato looked like a river deep in an autumn mountain.

So, it looked like a beautiful autumn scene in Japan.

When I saw this beautiful confectionery, I remembered a Waka poem written by a historical Waka poet named, ARIWARA no Narihira.

He wrote the poem in praise of some beautiful autumn leaves that were floating on the Tatsuta River.

The Akinosato reminded me of his poem.

So, I liked this confectionery.

Of course, it tasted great.

It had a refined sweetness, and it really went well with matcha.

The Akinosato was beautiful, poetic, and tasty.

It filled my heart with happiness.

Besides the Akinosato, this long-established Japanese confectionery shop produced some original autumn-like Japanese confectioneries.

Among them, I will introduce two “Jo-namagashi” that I ate.

Jo-namagashi is a type of Japanese confectionery, and it is often served with strong matcha at the tea ceremony.

The first one was “Akebi”.

It had the shape of a plant named Akebi.

That plant represents autumn in Japan.

The second one was “Himekogiku”.

It had the shape of a flower named Himekogiku.

Both confectioneries were beautiful and delicious.

Though both confectioneries were small, they were filling.

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