I sought a beautiful paper bookmark, and I finally found it

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There is something that has been bothering me.

Reading is my habit. I always have some backlog of books to read, and not a day has passed without me reading some books.

So some bookmarks are essential for my reading.

But I often lose the bookmarks without realizing.

In the case of a tassel bookmark, it sticks with a book, so I don’t need to worry about losing it.

The problem is a paper bookmark.

It has often gone before I know it.

I don’t know why, but there was a time when I found a bookmark in the space between the refrigerator and floor.

Many paper bookmarks go missing in my house.

Therefore, I came up with an idea about it.

In most cases, a paper bookmark is cheesy and free of charge.

I thought if a paper bookmark was so beautiful, I would be careful not to accidentally lose it.

I sought such a beautiful paper bookmark, and I finally found it.

This paper bookmark was made of Ise Katagami. 

Ise Katagami is the patterned paper used for dyeing of Kimono.

A fine cherry blossom pattern is carved on this paper bookmark.

It is so tasteful. Of course, it was not free.

Besides that, there are some of the paper bookmark patterns that are made by Ise Katagami.

I will make sure that I do not lose this beautiful paper bookmark.

I always read five or six books simultaneously, so I will buy some paper bookmarks but in the different patterns.

By the way, I have an electronic book reader. But it is not comfortable for me to use, and I almost never use it.

Paper books are to my taste.

I like the texture and smell of paper.

In particular, I absolutely love the paper of the old books.

If I could feel comfortable using the electronic book reader, I would not care about bookmarks so much.

However, that’s why I could find this beautiful paper bookmark.

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