The beautiful green graze-like jade makes me imagine various nostalgic scenes

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Japanese pottery is not just an object.

I think that it is one of the original Japanese landscapes.

My Yunomi is exactly that.

Yunomi is a teacup for drinking hot water or hot Japanese tea.

We Japanese use Yunomi when drinking various green teas other than Matcha.

My Yunomi was made in Shizuoka Prefecture, and it is called, Shitoroware.

Shitoroware is a traditional Japanese craft that has a history of over 500 years.

Its dark green color makes me think of a lot of greenery in my hometown.

Though that greenery had been destroyed without a trace for residential development, it is a very nostalgic memory for me.

The inside of my Yunomi has beautiful scenery.

The beautiful green graze-like jade makes me imagine various nostalgic scenes.

The mountain where the young me was running free is one of them.

The foot of this Yunomi is unglazed, and it makes me feel the warmth of soil.

I always feel calm when drinking green tea, but it’s not the only effect of green tea.

I think that Yunomi is related to it.

If I drank green tea with a plastic cup, I would not feel so calm.

Shitoroware is not famous compared to Minoware or Setoware.

But there is no room for doubt about the splendour of Shitoroware.

There is a lot of traditional pottery in Japan, and beautiful pottery is made by hand today.

I’m so glad about that.

Today, we Japanese enjoy the benefits of economic affluence brought about by industrialization and automation.

However, it seems to deprive our humanity instead.

Beautiful handmade pottery makes me think of the importance of humanity.

My Yunomi is my peace of mind, and it is not just a cup for drinking green tea.

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