“Ise-katagami” was used for the front cover of this notebook

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A traditional Japanese craft was used for the front cover of this notebook.

The paper-cut maple leaves on the front cover, and the paper cut wave patterns are exactly that.

They are called, Ise-katagami.

Ise-katagami is the stencil paper used in the pattern dyeing of Kimono fabric.

Today, this traditional pattern paper has started to be used as a decoration, like this notebook, which differs from its original purpose.

I think that it is a wonderful and good idea.

Ise-katagami is such a precious paper craft, and its history spans over 1,000 years.

I’m clumsier than most, so Ise-katagami seems to be the work of God.

This notebook is called, “Gosyuin-cho”.

It is a notebook used for stamping the red seal of various Shinto shrines or temples in Japan.

That red seal is called, “Gosyuin”.

For example, visitors to a Shinto shrine can receive its Gosyuin to commemorate their worship.

Gosyuin is a sacred seal.

Most Shinto shrines and temples refuse to give Gosyuin on an ordinary notebook or memo pad as they are only allowed for the notebook that is called, Gosyuin-cho.

So, if you want Gosyuin when you go to a Shinto shrine or temple, you must buy Gosyuin-cho beforehand.

There are a wide range of prices charged for Gosyuin-cho.

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