The iron Furin makes a really good sound

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Furin is a traditional Japanese wind chime.

I have two types of Furin.

One is a glass article, the other is made of iron.

In appearance, I prefer the glass Furin rather than the iron Furin.

But in timbre, I prefer the iron Furin.

The iron Furin makes a really good sound.

Its sound is similar to the singing of a Bell Cricket.

Furin is one of the seasonal charms of summer.

We Japanese feel a coolness when we are hearing the sound of Furin.

Japanese people may only feel like this.

So non-Japanese people may not understand that feeling.

My iron Furin is a traditional Japanese ironware called, “Nanbu Tekki”.

Nanbu Tekki is famous for some cooking utensils, such as an iron kettle or an iron pan.

My iron Furin is the shape of a temple bell.

Of course, it is much smaller than a real temple bell. It is palm size.

Furin in the shape of a temple bell is the most generic.

By the way, “Futaku” is a bronze wind bell that is hung on the eaves of temple towers or halls.

Futaku is meaningful in that it purges negative vibes.

Furin has originated in Futaku.

It seemed that Furin was an amulet in ancient times.

Time crept on, and Furin became established as an item to help people cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Of course, it is less effective compared to an air conditioner or an electric fan.

Furin cannot generate cool air.

The coolness of Furin is just in the head of each Japanese person.

At the present time, the air conditioner is an essential item for Japanese people.

Summer in Japan has become hot.

Furin may be useless in practice, so Furin has lost its popularity.

But I like Furin. I sometimes turn off the air conditioner, and I enjoy the sound of Furin with the natural wind.

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