Asagao makes my days happy

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Asagao is a typical Japanese flower.

Asagao blooms in the early morning from summer through early autumn.

I look forward to seeing Asagao in my garden every year.

Asagao is easy to grow in a pot, so even a child can do it.

Many Japanese elementary schools make students grow Asagao as part of their school education.

When I was a kid, my teacher ordered me to keep observing Asagao.

At first, I hated it.

But, when the Asagao started to bloom beautifully, I was absorbed in observing it.

Ever since then, I have been a fan of Asagao.

Now, I’m growing Asagao in my garden.

I water Asagao every morning and evening in summer.

Asagao makes my days happy.

For your information, Asagao had a major boom in the Edo Period.

Asagao was illustrated in some Ukiyo-e paintings. 

A painting of Asagao, which was drawn by a famous Ukiyo-e artist named Hokusai, is very realistic.

I feel that all of his artwork really captures the mood and atmosphere of the Edo period.

The painting of Asagao makes me feel that Asagao has roots in the Japanese people’s sense of beauty.

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