Kimono has the ability to adapt to any changes, such as the pandemic

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Wearing a flu mask took root in international society as an infection prevention measure at the individual level.

Today, there are so many kinds of flu masks unlike before the pandemic.

Among them, I found a really interesting flu mask, and I bought it.

This flu mask was made of silver threads by the traditional technique of Nishijin Brocade.

A long established Kimono fabric shop released it.

Its design pattern is one of the traditional design motifs, and I liked the design pattern right away. 

But that’s not all as this flu mask has a superb function. 

This flu mask has an excellent antibacterial action.

The cloth used for this flu mask is interwoven with silver thread and silk thread.

The silver thread generates a silver ion when it contacts the moisture in our breath.

The silver ion has an action to lessen the power of the bacteria.

As a consequence, the bacteria is extinguished or inactivated in a short time.

The beautiful silver thread of Nishijin Brocade has an effective in antibacterial action.

This is a new perspective, and it is being diverted to the flu mask, which will protect us from various infections.

You might think of a flu mask that is made of Kimono cloth. But it’s a little different.

Kimono cloth is unsuitable for a flu mask.

The cloth of this flu mask is not exactly the same as Kimono cloth although both of them are made of the same thread.

Specifically, each weave is different.

The cloth of this flu mask is made using the special method of weaving devised to give breathing comfort.

Thanks to that, this flu mask doesn’t make me feel short of breath.

The Kimono has the ability to adapt to any changes, such as the pandemic.

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