The rice cooked in an earthenware pot is really delicious

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The rice cooked in an earthenware pot is really delicious.

A rice cooker can’t compete with an earthenware pot in terms of bringing out the best taste.

Cooking rice in an earthenware pot does not take time and effort.

I have a small Japanese earthenware pot, and it was made for cooking rice.

It is a simple pot, and it costs less than a rice cooker.

I will introduce how to use my earthenware pot.

My earthenware pot can cook 150 grams of polished rice which is enough to serve approximately one meal.

I usually eat 75 grams of rice at one meal – I may not a big eater.

This pot is a subdued black color, and its shape is unique.

I feel its shape mimics “Hagamaā€¯(an old-style Japanese cooking pot).

It’s a typical Japanese style.

By the way, newly bought earthenware cracks easily.

If you buy some earthenware, you must not use it for cooking straight away.

First of all, you must boil some rice water in the earthenware.

Doing this prevents cracks in an earthenware. Why?

There are innumerable invisible holes in unused earthenware and these holes cause some cracks.

Rice water contains a lot of starch, and starch has the property of filling holes in earthenware.

It makes newly bought earthenware harder to crack by boiling some rice water in it.

You must not forget that.

About how to cook rice, first of all, I wash the rice.

I put the rice into my earthenware pot, and I put a fixed amount of water in it.

It is standard to use water of 100 cc for rice of 75 grams.

I close the lid of the pot and the inner cover and after that, I put my earthenware on the fire.

When it comes to the boil, the water vapor starts to come out from vent hole on the lid.

I turn the heat to low, and cook for 6 minutes.

After that, I turn off the heat and steam it for 20 minutes.

It’s ready to eat.

The delicious rice is ready in about 30 minutes.

The rice cooked in an earthenware pot is really delicious compered to the rice cooked in a rice cooker.


An earthenware pot warms up little by little, and this slow temperature change causes an activation of amylase.

Amylase is a kind of enzyme.

It is said that the active activity of amylase makes rice delicious.

An earthenware pot has an excellent heart-retaining property, and because of that rice is steamed at the optimum temperature.

Moreover, an earthenware pot has a far-infrared light effect, enabling heat to penetrate deep inside the rice.

The rice cooker can not imitate perfectly the benefits of an earthenware pot.

So I recommend cooking rice with an earthenware pot.

Everyone would notice that difference.

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