There are two reasons why I choose traditional lacquer chopsticks

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I bought some new chopsticks.

These are lacquered, reddish-brown chopsticks in an oval shape.

Also, they are lightweight.

These chopsticks are not only beautiful but also easy to use.

These chopsticks are hand crafted, so that means they are traditional Japanese craft.

If a person who does not know about lacquerware look at my chopsticks, they would mistake them for plastic chopsticks.

My chopsticks are made from wood, and of course, the lacquer is harvested from a tree. 

In other words, my chopsticks are derived from natural products.

The technique of the superior craftsperson simply filled me with admiration.

By the way, the plastic chopsticks are sold at a cheap price.

The plastic is a high functional material.

I often see that there are plastic chopsticks that resemble lacquer ones.

At first sight, you cannot tell the difference between the lacquer and the plastic chopsticks, moreover they are sold at one-tenth of the price of traditional lacquer chopsticks.

Is that a bargain?

I don’t think so.

No matter how cheap, I never choose such imitations.

I love traditional Japanese crafts, however, it’s not just for that reason.

There are two reasons why I choose traditional lacquer chopsticks.

The first reason is that the color of lacquer becomes more tasteful as it ages.

For example, my new chopsticks are tinged with brown and I can see dim red color. It is a subtle color.

The color’s degree of clarity will increase over the years, and because of this, the color will grow richer.

It will be so beautiful.

The chopsticks are daily necessities, so I stick to using beautiful ones.

On the other hand, a chemical coating is used for plastic chopsticks.

The chemical coating fades in color over the years.

That’s not beautiful.

The second reason is that traditional lacquer chopsticks are made by craftspersons.

Today’s Japan is full of industrial products and I don’t feel the warmth of human beings in these.

However, handmade crafts have the unseen warmth of their maker.

Of course, my opinion is emotional and abstract but feeling warmth is related to taking good care of things.

That’s a practical idea.

I can feel the existence of craftspersons in my beautiful chopsticks and I realize that I have a traditional Japanese lifestyle.

The logical mind is valued in a society such as Japan and the industrial products are representative of logical mind, but I don’t think that means everything.

So I want to cherish my emotion.

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