The true taste of Gyokuro

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Gyokuro is a kind of Japanese green tea known to be of the high quality.

The Gyokuro tea leaves are made with much labor and time, so this refined green tea is expensive.

If you have never tried Gyokuro you might think that it tastes like green tea.

But once you try Gyokuro it will exceed your expectations. 

By the way, the canned Gyokuro green tea is sold in the vending machines for a cheap price. 

In my opinion, this is nothing like the true Gyokuro.

I went to Ippodo, the green tea store in Tokyo.

This store is located near Tokyo station.

A large, white, Japanese-style curtain is Ippodo’s trademark.

The main store is in Kyoto, and it has a long history of over 300 years.

Ippodo sells many kinds of green tea leaves, and it has small eating area in the store.

You can drink green tea and eat Japanese confectionery.

Of course, you can drink the highest quality Gyokuro green tea.

If you want to try Gyokuro green tea, I recommend you go to this eating place.

Gyokuro green tea tastes like a soup stock.

Its taste does not resemble any other green tea, such as Matcha or Sencha.

If you tasted Gyokuro you would be surprised.

This is the true taste of Gyokuro.

You have to understand how this delicious Gyokuro is made, and the store clerk can teach you.

Many Japanese people prefer green tea that is bottled in plastic and they seldom make green tea with a Japanese teapot(called Kyusu). 

This bottled Gyokuro green tea does not have much of the characteristic taste of Gyokuro, so many Japanese people don’t know what Gyokuro really tastes like.

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