I discovered a wonderful wine “Domaine Mie Ikeno”

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(September 2018)

I discovered a wonderful wine.

I had lunch in a Japanese restaurant called Kazahana at the Conrad hotel in Tokyo.

I had already reserved a table and a Kaiseki.

Kaiseki is a traditional multiple-course meal.

I was led to a table with an ocean view.

It was a fine day and from my table I was able to look at Tokyo Bay.

I looked through the pages of the wine list and the name of a Japanese white wine caught my attention.

This was “Domaine Mie Ikeno”.

I have known about this wine but I had never tried it.

This is because it is difficult to obtain.

This wine has a low production volume and is pretty popular among wine lovers.

I ordered the wine that I desired.

After a little while, a sommelier showed up and placed the bottle of wine in front of me.

He showed me the label on the bottle, and he said, “This is the last bottleā€.

I’m in luck.

At first, the sommelier pulled  the cork out of the bottle, and then he gradually poured the wine into the glass.

It was a beautiful yellow color.

As I picked the glass up and slightly flicked my wrist, I noticed that the wine smelled fruity.

I took a sip of it.

The acidity and a sweetness were well balanced.

I said to the sommelier “It’s really delicious”.

This wine goes well with today’s dishes.

I really like this Japanese restaurant Kazahana.

This restaurant always meets my expectations.

The Domaine Mie Ikno Chardonnay was great.

I thought its taste was similar to a Burgundy white wine, Domaine Leflaive Macon Verze.

Both Mie Ikeno and Leflaive had a gentle sweetness. 

I like these types of wine.   

I think white wine and Japanese cuisine go well together.

Of course, Japanese sake is good too.

However, I think the complexity of the wine brings out the potential of Japanese cuisine, like a chemical reaction.

I’m glad that delicious Japanese white wines have increased recently.

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