My key purse is Inden

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Inden are lacquered deerskin handcrafts which have a tradition of more 400 years.

It continues as a traditional industry to this day.

Inden are strong and beautiful.

My key purse is Inden and is hand-painted with Japanese patterns.

This tasteful key purse is one of my favorite items.

By the way, deerskin is an essential raw material of Inden, but deerskin is not always produced domestically.

Actually, Japan depends mostly on China for deerskin.

Inden are Japanese traditional handcrafts, but the essential deerskins have been imported from China for a very long time.

Traditional Japanese products don’t mean that all of the materials have been produced domestically.

Reeves’s muntjac is a kind of deer in its native country of China, and its skin is known as “deerskin” in Japan.

Of course, many deer are populating the woods in Japan, but their deerskin is hardly ever used. Why?

This is because the skin of reeves’s muntjac is smoother than Japanese deer, so there is a big difference.

It is a common saying that Chinese products are “cheap but shoddy”, so people have bad feelings about Chinese products.

But Chinese deerskin (the skin of reeves’s muntjac) is high quality.

Besides Inden, Chinese deerskin is used for the traditional Japanese archer’s glove.

Chinese deerskin is used in maintaining Japanese traditional crafts.

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