Traditional Japanese crafts have strong potential for future growth

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I rarely drink bottled Japanese tea, but I often drink it these days.

There is a reason for this.

Part of the sales of the bottled Japanese tea called, Ayataka will be donated to a charity organization that assists traditional Japanese craft persons.

It is a campaign for a limited amount of time.

Today, it is said that traditional Japanese crafts are facing a serious crisis.

For many Japanese people, that seems to be a crisis as something unrelated to them.

They believe that traditional Japanese crafts are already out of date.

However, I have a completely opposite opinion.

I think that traditional Japanese crafts will become increasingly important.

Today, it is widely believed that lots of money is essential for a happy life and people tend to have a fantasy that money is almighty.

But that’s wrong.

I believe that having the feeling of gratitude towards ordinary days is most important for a happy life, and I think that the beautiful, functional handcrafts make us realize that.

Actually, those crafts made my everyday life colorful and respectful.

I think that many people will look for what makes them happy besides money with a deadlock of today’s capitalism in Japan.

Traditional Japanese craft is a clue to realize that.

Today, traditional Japanese crafts are regarded as eligible for support.

But I think that traditional Japanese crafts have strong potential for future growth.

The original Japanese landscape decorated with history and tradition has been lost year by year, as you can see from today’s Kyoto.

I think that traditional Japanese crafts are kind of the original Japanese landscapes, so we should not lose them any more.

The donation for the existence of Japanese tradition is wonderful, but using traditional Japanese crafts is better support than that.

I don’t think that money alone will be a fundamental solution.

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