“Kagekiyo” is deeply interesting and full of wit

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The Noh play called “Kagekiyo” is a tragedy.

However, it doesn’t make me feel dark and gloomy.

This is because the Noh play suggests to me that the pure and beautiful mind of a human cannot be taken away even in a tragic situation.

This Noh play is based on a historical samurai called  Kagekiyo.

According to The Tale of the Heike, he seemed to be a brave samurai.

He made his name in the Genpei War.

This Noh play isn’t an exciting heroic story about him. It is quite the contrary.

However, it is deeply interesting and full of wit.

The story is simple.

The Taira family was completely destroyed in the Battle of Dan no ura.

Accordingly, Kagekiyo was relegated to a remote area.

Over time, he got older and became a tramp.

Unfortunately, he lost his eyesight.

One day, his long-lost daughter came to meet him.

But he avoided her because he was ashamed of his miserable circumstance.

Finally, she was compelled to leave him.

Kagekiyo saw her off with tears in his eyes.

His one thousand feelings are reflected in the Noh play.

So I cannot help but dwell on his feelings.

Kagekiyo was afraid that his miserable existence would bring shame to his daughter.

So he didn’t accept her affection.

As requested by her, he told about his past glory in a battlefield.

However, it must have made him feel more miserable.

He loved his daughter, but that’s why he had to be apart from her forever.

It was a painful decision.

Was he happy that he could meet his long-lost daughter?

When I think of it, I feel empty.

Human life has its ups and downs, but time really does fly.

Human life is like a flash.

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