This is the record of my fifth private Noh flute lesson

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This is the record of my fifth private Noh flute lesson.

On that day, I practiced a piece of Noh music named, “Chu-no-mai” with my teacher.

Compared to before, I was able to make a sound more clearly, and my fingers were able to react according to the musical score spontaneously.

My teacher said that I could memorize the Shoga (sounds of a Noh flute replaced with onomatopoeia) of Chu-no-mai.

But I sometimes got the timing wrong because I had to breath, and I didn’t have enough breath.

So, the performance on my Noh flute didn’t go smoothly.

There were still some problems.

In August this year, an informal Noh music recital is going to be held in Tokyo.

Many amateur players (Noh flute players, small hand drum players, large hand drum players, and drum players) will join in.

My teacher asked whether I would like to join in as a Noh flute player.

 I answered, “I would love to join in!”

To tell the truth, I didn’t have the confidence to play my Noh flute well.

However, I didn’t want to miss this golden opportunity. 

I wanted to play my Noh flute in a Noh orchestra.

After the private lesson, I went straight to a Noh theater to see a Noh play called, “Senju”.

My teacher played a Noh flute in front of a large audience.

He played Chu-no-mai.

I felt that his performance was completely different from my performance.

I have been far from him.

I again realized that a professional Noh flute player is amazing.

Though I’m an amateur, I will try as hard as I can.

First of all, I will continue doing my best to prepare for the informal Noh music recital in August.

“Chu-no-mai” will be my assigned Noh music.

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