Noh costumes are themselves part of the history of Nohgaku

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The Takashi Takeda Memorial Nohgaku Foundation airs out their Noh costumes on hot summer days.

The Foundation shows them to the public.

The other day, I went there.

It was a chance for me to see many Noh costumes close up and hold them in my hands.

Though I have seen Noh actors wearing Noh costumes in the audience, I have never seen them up close, let alone touch them.

So, it was a golden opportunity for me.

Needless to say, Noh costumes are very important things for Noh actors.

Noh costumes are irreplaceable assets.

In most cases, Noh costumes are owned by Noh schools.

The Noh costumes have been passed down from generation to generation.

Noh actors share the Noh costumes.

An expensive one is equal to a luxury European car such as a Mercedes-Benz or BMW.

Some Noh costumes have long histories that extend beyond money and price, and they are just as valuable as important cultural properties.

Noh actors decide what to wear depending on the roles they play.

There are a lot of detailed rules there.

For example, this Noh costume is only used in a Noh play called “Dojoji”.

I had never seen so many Noh costumes.

So far many Noh actors have worn the Noh costumes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

That won’t change in the future.

When I thought about it, I recognized just how insignificant I am, and I realized that all traditions are characterized as perpetual.

Our lives are short like dreams, but we can convey traditions to the next generations.

The Noh costumes are more than just stage costumes, as they are themselves part of the history of Nohgaku.

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