I got a chance to learn the Noh flute called, Nohkan

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Fortunately, I got a chance to learn the Noh flute called, “Nohkan” from a professional Nohkan player.

I have started to take his private lessons.

For your information, a Noh orchestra consists of four types of musical instruments: a Nohkan, a small hand drum, a large hand drum, and a floor drum.

I’m interested in all of those.

First of all, I decided to try the Nohkan.

I have seen many Noh plays so far, but seeing is one thing, and doing is another.

My new challenge has begun.

To tell the truth, I’m a little uneasy.

Now, I’ll write about the first lesson.

At first, my teacher told me to make a whistling sound with a Nohkan.

The Nohkan was a plastic flute for beginners (a real Nohkan is made of bamboo).

Though I tried blowing into the Nohkan many times, I couldn’t make a whistling sound at all.

I lost my breath, and my face turned red.

My teacher told me to practice it on my own until I’m able to make a whistling sound.

And then, my teacher said that I have to learn some Noh music called, “Chu-no-mai” by heart.

My teacher took out two Japanese fans, and he started beating a desk with them.

While beating, he was singing “Shouga”. 

It was a solmization method in the field of Noh music.

After that, he showed me a little book.

The book was a Noh musical score, but it looked like some kind of mysterious code to me.

To tell the truth, learning Nohkan seemed very difficult to me. In addition, I had no experience with any musical instruments.

However, my curiosity has driven me.

So, I will never give up.

To be continued in my next lesson.

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