My relationship with Japanese pottery

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Mass-produced industrial products are somewhat chilly.

A mass produced cup in front of me appeals to my emotions,

“A cup only has to have the shape of a cup”.

It may be true but it is so chilly.

On the other hand, a handmade pottery cup appeals to me as it’s healthy beauty.

Every time I use it, my heart warms.

I believe that human hands breathe a warm heart into their creation.

A healthy beauty only comes from human hands.

So I always pay honor to human hands, their creativity and their creation.

Of course, it’s not just a cup as this applies to all creations or crafts.

This is the reason I love Japanese handcrafts.

Based on the above, I would like to introduce my relationship with Japanese pottery this time.

I have various kinds of Japanese handmade tableware.

Many of them are pottery.

They are not expensive, but they are solidly made and have practical beauty.

I feel a kindness of the land from pottery.

So I like pottery.

I think that pottery must be rised with great care by a user.

That is, using positively and viewing pottery with affection.

As a result, pottery will become familiar with your lips, hands and eyes as you get in touch with it.

When this happens, you will grow found of pottery more than before.

I prefer new pottery, which is made by a modern craftsperson, to antique pottery.

Of course, I can’t help admiring the beauty and history of antiques.

However, more than that I admire modern pottery.

Today, Japanese society and the economy are built upon mass-production or mass-consumption.

There is no room for the penetration of human touch.

So I long for human warmth and I ask for such handcrafts.

Modern craftspersons continue making their handcrafts in this world.

How precious it is!

So I love Japanese handcrafts.

In particular, pottery tableware is familiar to me.

Handmade Japanese pottery is so precious to me.

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