I enjoyed a Beaujolais Nouveau named, “Lou Dumont Vieille Vigne 2022”

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The season when Beaujolais Nouveau tastes delicious has arrived.

I bought a Beaujolais Nouveau named, “Lou Dumont Vieille Vigne 2022”.

This wine was made by a Japanese winemaker in the Burgundy region.

This wine was wonderful, so I’d like to introduce it.

The artistic label of the wine, which was designed by a contemporary artist named Gerard Puvis, was eye-catching.

When I looked carefully at the label, I found some Kanji were used on it as part of the design.

Those Kanji were straightforward expressions of the winemaker’s principles.

“Ten” means a blessing from heaven, and “Chi” means fruits of the earth.

“Jin” means splendor of humans.

They are paticular about “Vieille Vigne”.

Vieille Vigne usually refers to trees that are more than 20 or 30 years old.

However, their Vieille Vigne refers to trees that are more than 75 or 95 years old.

Fully ripe Gamay, which is harvested from such trees, seems to be the perfect ingredient in delicious Beaujolais Nouveau.

The winemaker uses grapes cultivated with “La lutte raisonne”.

So, they avoid using chemical fertilizers or agricultural chemicals as much as possible.

Their agricultural method seems to substantially equivalent to “Biologique”.

Their wonderful Beaujolais Nouveau (Lou Dumont Vieille Vigne 2022) had a fresh and rich taste.

I enjoyed it with Japanese dishes, such as Sukiyaki and Kakuni.

Japan is one of the first countries where Beaujolais Nouveau is sold because of the international time difference.

Enjoying Beaujolais Nouveau has become firmly established among Japanese wine lovers.

Today, Japan is the world’s largest global importer of Beaujolais Nouveau.

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