“Jidaigeki” must be given the most attention

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I love “Jidaigeki”.

Jidaigeki is a genre of drama that is set in the Edo period.

In other words, it is called, Samurai drama, historical drama, or period drama.

Today, Jidaigeki isn’t produced very much because it is unpopular among Japanese people.

At one time, countless Jidaigeki had been produced.

Fortunately, a premium channel named, “SAMURAI DRAMA CHANNEL” rebroadcasts these Jidaigeki all day long.

Jidaigeki makes me feel like I’m traveling into the Edo period.

That, however, is not the only thing I wish to mention.

In Jidaigeki, the Jpaanese people’s morality or virtue is emphasized.

So Jidaigeki isn’t just a form of entertainment.

In the Edo period, people were bound to the class system, and women had a lower status.

In addition, Japan was a poor nation.

However, the arts, literature, and schools flourished in the Edo period.

I think that people in the Edo period were positive, and they had room in their hearts even though they were poor.

Their high positive energy helped to develop a great culture.

The people in the Edo period might have had richer spirits than we modern Japanese.

Material wealth has nothing to do with spiritual abundance.

Jidaigeki highlights this well.

Jidaigeki appeals to Japanese people’s virtues, such as kindness, honor, and gratitude through simple stories.

Jidaigeki encourages good, and punishes evil.

Many modern Japanese people don’t find jidaigeki interesting. They think that Jidaigeki is an outdated genre of drama.

But I don’t think so.

The important things in human life haven’t changed since the old days.

Modern Japanese people tend to forget them because of mammonism in Japanese society.

I mean, profit-and-loss arithmetic isn’t everything.

So now is the time when Jidaigeki must be given the most attention.

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