I think that “Shiroyamazakura” is the most beautiful type of Sakura

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We Japanese call cherry blossoms, including cherry trees, “Sakura” in Japanese.

“Someiyoshino” is the most common type of cherry tree in Japan.

Today, Someiyoshino has become a synonym for Sakura.

For your information, in 1912, Tokyo gifted 3,000 cherry blossom trees to Washington DC, and they were Someiyoshino.

Someiyoshino is a symbol of Japan.

However, I have been starting to lose feelings for Someiyoshino since last year.

Now, I don’t think that Someiyoshino is very beautiful.

This is because I realized that there is a more beautiful Sakura in Japan.

Last year, I visited Yoshino Mountain to see the Sakura from early in the morning.

Yoshino Mountain has been famous for its Sakura from ancient times.

When I went deep into the mountain, I noticed that the Sakura on Yoshino Mountain are not Someiyoshino.

These Sakura were “Shiroyamazakura”.

Numerous Shiroyamazakura covered the whole mountain.

Although not well known, Someiyoshino is the Sakura cultivar in the late modern age.

Then, Shiroyamazakura is the native Sakura that has been around for a very long time.

Both Sakura are similar, but both are discernible to the non-professional eye.

While I was surrounded by such beautiful Shiroyamazakura in the depth of a sacred mountain, I was feeling like I was living in ancient times.

Seeing Shiroyamazakura in the morning’s sun touched my heart.

I think that our state of mind is closely related to the sense of beauty.

Someiyoshino is also beautiful, but its beauty is for appreciation.

In other words, the beauty of Someiyoshino is rational or logical.

On the other hand, the beauty of Shiroyamazakura is poetic.

It left me with an allusive feeling.

It made me think about traditional Japan.

I think that Shiroyamazakura is the most beautiful type of Sakura.

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