The world of “The Tale of Genji” is the same as ours

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I’d like to write about the charm of “The Tale of Genji”.

The Tale of Genji is recognized as representing classic Japanese literature.

It was written over 1,000 years ago.

The author was a noblewoman called, Murasaki Shikibu.

The Tale of Genji is a story of love and politics.

Though it is a fictional story, I feel that the character’s activities are fresh and realistic.

In other words, various psychological descriptions that were written over 1,000 years ago induce a feeling of sympathy in me.

I think that it is the basis of the charm of The Tales of Genji.

There are over 400 characters in The Tale of Genji. 

Their relationships are complicated and variable. In addition, their names sometimes change.

So The Tale of Genji gives the impression generally of an unintelligible story.

Actually, many readers fall by the wayside.

But those complex relationships and interests contribute to the creation of a realistic story.

If we think about it, our society is very complicated.

So we think many different thoughts or we feel conflicted because of that.

The world of The Tale of Genji is the same as ours. 

So I can sympathize with the characters in the story.

During the age of The Tale of Genji, over 1,000 years ago, the social system and common sense were completely different from the modern age.

It’s nothing special, but various problems related to love were surprisingly the same as today.

The Tale of Genji shows that people over 1,000 years ago were worried about the same things as us.

Human nature has never changed throughout all ages.

The Tale of Genji makes me forget the time of a thousand years.

So I may be completely drawn into the story and character’s feelings.

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