I often feel as if Lady Rokujyo were a real person

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I may have feelings for Lady Rokujyo.

However, she is a fictitious character in “The Tales of Genji” which is a work of classic Japanese literature.

A male aristocrat called Hikaru Genji is the main character, and he is a man of many loves.

Lady Rokujyo was one of the women who was loved by him.

I often feel as if she were a real person.

In the story, her raw emotion and distress are described in lurid detail.

Because of that, I always get involved in her sentiment, and I forget that she is a fictitious character.

Lady Rokujyo was a gentle person who was blessed with both beauty and intelligence.

However, her eagerness to love and her great pride ruined her life.

She loved Hikaru Genji too much.

On the other hand, he fell out of love with her quickly. He was a womanizer.

She couldn’t give up on him, and she had a fixation on him.

She directed her anger toward his first lawful wife: Lady Aoi.

Lady Rokujyo had suffered from jealousy all her life.

Her love-hate relationship dramas were the subject of some Noh plays.

Her jealousy made her into a living wraith. 

She was feeling jealous of Lady Aoi.

Jealousy may be an ugly side of human beings.

But I didn’t develop a loathing for Lady Rokujyo.

Her great jealousy was a sign of her purity.

Pure emotion may become a hotbed for jealousy.

Though she tried to exert control over her complicated emotions, she couldn’t.

When I got a glimpse of her sheltered purity, which was hidden by her great jealousy, I felt like I had realized her true worth.

So I sympathize with her way of thinking and her feelings.

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