Ham Rice made me imagine the good old days of the Syowa period

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Ueno Park in Tokyo is not just the spot to view cherry blossoms, but it’s also home to some of the country’s leading museums.

My favorite restaurant called, Forestier Seiyoken, is on the corner of the park, and I often have lunch there when I visit some museums in the park.

That restaurant is in a concert hall called, Tokyo Bunka Kaikan.

Without buying a ticket for the concert, anyone can use that restaurant.

Their foods are somehow nostalgic Yosyoku. 

Yosyoku is a western-style dish that was developed in Japan.

Yosyoku became widespread among people after the Meiji period.

One that day, I ordered “Ham Rice”.

Ham Rice was a dish offered for a limited time.

60 years ago, at the opening of Forestier Seiyoken, Ham Rice was a regular menu item.

Nowadays, ham is a normal ingredient for Japanese people, but it seemed to be uncommon in those days.

Cubes of grilled ham were on the fried rice in butter.

It tasted amazing.

By the way, I always think that their food is worth more than the price I pay.

Instead, I don’t mind paying more at that restaurant.

After I ate Ham Rice, I ordered their handmade pudding. It was also very good.

I have been to this restaurant many times.

Their foods are simple, but I feel the profound taste of each of them.

These suit my taste.

The atmosphere of the restaurant always makes me imagine the good old days of the Syowa period.

During that age, people seemed to see Yosyoku as a part of Western culture, and they must have longed for it.

So Yosyoku is a symbol of the good old days.

That nostalgic, Yosyoku restaurant is a place where I can relax. 

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