The beautiful sushi of August, 2021

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The meimuna opaliferas were singing.

It made me feel that autumn was on its way.

On that day, I went to Yachiyo to savor their authentic sushi.

This sophisticated Japanese restaurant is located in the business district in front of the Tokyo Station.

Though the business district gets crowded on weekdays, on Sunday it is relatively empty.

As a result, this restaurant is also quiet.

So I could be satisfied with their sushi in a quiet environment.

A sushi chef made 14 sushi for me.

I’ll introduce the three sushi from among them that had a lasting impression upon me.

The first one was Kue (grouper) sushi.

It was the first time for me to eat Kue.

Kue is known as a high-class fish, and I had never seen it in a sushi restaurant.

It was refreshing and delicious.

The second one was Shinko (young gizzard shad) sushi.

Shinko is a seasonal fish that is available only in summer.

Authentic sushi restaurants always prepare Shinko sushi at this time of year.

If you want to experience authentic sushi, you should try it too.

I would like you to be careful about one thing when you order Shinko sushi.

Shinko sushi is expensive.

The third one was Shin-ika (young cuttlefish) sushi.

That small cuttlefish is only caught during the middle of summer, so it is a rare sushi topping as well as Shinko.

The sushi chef made me two types of Shin-ika sushi.

One was sushi useing its mantle, and the other was sushi useing its tentacles.

The mantle was soft, and the tentacles were crunchy. Both of them were delicious. 

This was how I savored some wonderful sushi.

Besides these, the sushi chef made me some beautiful sushi, such as Anago, Nihama, Otoro and more.

I was happy to have a quality lunchtime.

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